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Reducing Damage with Mitigation

Effective mitigation is crucial for a company like ours that offers specialty restoration and renovation services. “Mitigation” is just a fancy term for reducing damage after a disaster. This is one of our specialties at FIX of Utah.
We are capable of handling any large or small disaster you have. We have solutions for water, fire, smoke and mold damage as well as plumbing incidents and more.

Quick Responses

It’s important that our team arrives on the scene quickly after your call, because our primary goal is to clean up and dry out the property to decrease your risk of damage or illness from mold or bacteria.
Our teams are always ready to get on a job. We strive to arrive within an hour after you call (depending on the area and distance) and we get to work right away.
Our experts can assess your situation and needs and then implement a plan of action quickly—with your permission. We are confident you will feel at ease with our friendly professionals when they arrive on the scene. They can answer any questions you have and then work their magic.

Renovating and Rebuilding Your Space

After a devastating disaster, it might be difficult to imagine your home or office “back to normal” because it is hard to see past the falling ceiling, filthy carpet, or broken flooring. However, we can see the potential and we offer complete services for rebuilding so your space can become yours again. We handle cleanups and damage assessments, as well as reconstruction.
Our staff at FIX of Utah includes members knowledgeable about rebuilding: contractors, subcontractors, designers and others. We also have valuable relationships with many vendors, which is important when you are talking about replacing your floor, drywall and other areas impacted by the damage.

Feel at Home Again

We love helping clients feel comfortable in their home again after sometimes depressing accidents. During our years in the business, we’ve had the opportunity of helping many clients return to normal life again in their newly renovated space. On the bright side, a renovation can make your home better than it was before, even if it was necessitated by an unfortunate event.
Contact us now to get a quote for our services or if you need emergency cleanup mitigation response. We are your number one resource of information and services when it comes to fixing home disasters.